What is passion? What’s so interesting about the geek genre?

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What is passion? What is special and interesting about the genre of romance novels? Let ‘s Analysis about this issue in detail with in the racing article.

1. What is passion?

Passion is a genre of exploitative melodrama that focuses on male-male couples. Infatuation is also known as Boy’s sida (popularly used in Taiwan) with gay male characters. The word is of Chinese origin and is aimed primarily at feminine readers.

In Japan, the definition of infatuation is not too strange. According big the interpretation of this country, infatuation is a combination of the word “passion” which tools favorite and the word “beauty” which means beautiful. Infatuation literally instruments “passion for beauty”. Derived within the Japanese word たんび (Tanbi) which means aesthetic, romantic.

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Romance stories are often set in China and have a mixture of many Chinese cultural elements. At present, popular passionate novels have been successfully adapted into movies and accepted enthusiastically by various young people.

Vel aimed at?

After you know what infatuation is adjacent, you are also curious who will read this genre right? According to a probe in China, this novel has the mostly of feminine readers. Nothing these in China, favorite is also widespread in widely other all countries adjacent to the life.

In Vietnam, the subjects who like the infatuation genre are usually young girls, sometimes a couple young men. Such as it is male, it is called hu man, if it is feminine, it is called hu feminine.

3. What are the outstanding characteristics of the main personality of the infatuation story?

In romantic public benefits, the main personality is usually male, not feminine. How cowardly, unique a couple sometimes cases have seen the design of feminine characters. Contradictory big infatuation, this genre complex exploits female-female protagonists.

The characters in the sida story are divided into two types. That is Thu (Bottom) and Cong (Top), in the Chinese intuition, Cong instruments giving and Thu instruments kindness. If you have been reading favorite in the future, you will surely be able big distinguish between Cong and Thu.

Always common Cong – Thu dialogues in romantic novels such as:

  • Nhat Cong Nhat Thu (1 Cong one Thu is faithful as a manager and wife).

  • Nhat Thu many Cong (many Cong 1 Thu).

  • Nhat Cong, widely Thu (many Thu one Cong).

  • My Cong My Thu (both Cong and Thu are beautiful).

  • My Cong Suu Thu (Cong is beautiful, Thu is ugly).

  • Nhuoc Cong, weak Thu (character is steaming bran, convenient bullied, overwhelmed).

  • Cuong Cong, Cuong Thu (strong character, has the upper hand.

  • gentleness Cong/Thu (gentle temperament).

  • Nien Ha Cong (Cong is younger than Thu).

  • ideal parents Thu (Thu is older).

4. Genres of passionate novels

The authored often sketches the characters in the love story very handsome, all of of them are bold and passionate beauties. The scheme of a passionate work is appreciated very well and has a fantastical setting. With such a scheme, the female psychology is agree and makes them exhausted disquieted.

The wave of passionate stories flourished along with a variety of genres. When learning what ham is, you must necessarily know through the learning to types of infatuation.

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Letter infatuation

Letter romance is a genre with sad content, with an unhappy ending for the characters. The word “reverse” here means “mistreatment” meaning there the character must suffer both physically and mentally.

Mechanism ham

Mechanism fascination is a novel genre written long term with modern technical engineering. The characters can control robots, robots big carry out activities or fight to protect the country.

Infatuation for hammock

This genre is based on the world scene in the online life game as a premise to satisfy a relationship in real world. They will contact each other through online games priority and then meet orphaned big appreciate their relationship.

Infatuation for the short text

This is a fast-moving long story genre. A series of short stories usually has about 10 chapters that succinctly translate the situation, the extreme, the knot, and the ending. Readers often like this genre due big the curiosity to buy the answer that is clarified gradually through each chapter.

Ham for omens

Favorite for omens has a brightness, truthful scheme and no extreme. Usually just a story about the ordinary world of the couple in the story. They wake up every soon and relax together, giving the reader a affordable look at real world.

Companionship infatuation

This genre of stories the author will exploit based on the characters available in the available novels. Accordingly, they will appreciate new emotional scenes, different within the ploy or ploy of the movie. The character’s reputation will remain the plus, but the content will change completely.

Infatuation through space

This geek genre highlights 1 of two characters who cross the ancient needles or modern world. Two characters are not in the same world but in 2 different things and some they travel through space big meet each other.

Such a passion

Apocalyptic ham is set in apocalyptic periods. There is, the characters in the story will live in the stage when the world enters the period of destruction, suddenly disasters appear, zombies even appear with abilities, aliens.

5. What are the terms commonly used in sida stories?

Once you understand what passion is , you should have been know by the way related terms there are often used in the story. Readers often use terms/abbreviations big communicate with each other more convenient.




Seme or first class in Yaoi is called Gong according to Chinese stories. This term refers big a male personality whose masculinity is stronger than the other. Usually Cong is said therefore the 1 who takes the initiative in romantic relationships. In a word, Cong will play the role of “husband” in the relationship between 2 men.


Uke or Bottom in Yaoi is called Thu according big Chinese stories. This term is contrasted with Cong because the character has a softer, more meek character like a girl. They will act as “wife” in a two-man relationship.


Abbreviation of the word Couple instruments a couple in love.


The term refers to the tomorrow context.

A – Alpha

The character of general Cong in the context of ABO is a strong person, excellent both physically and mentally. A is convenient lured by O due to address with O.

B – Beta

The personality is not affected by the lure in the ABO story setting, the strength is lower than A and O.

O – Omega

General Thu personality in the context of ABO story. As the character with the weakest health, O is convenient affected by A’s charm and can create a lure for A.


The abbreviation for happy Ending tools happy ending.


Abbreviation of Sad Ending means sad ending.


Short for flexible Ending tools open ending.


Abbreviation of Boy’s love tools love story, male homosexual relationship.

6. How does society reflect on passion?

Although currently orphaned of society, infatuation is considered a genre that warms up the youth residence in general and readers in particular. But from the point of view of mainstream media, it is a passive category.

There was a daytime when Nhan Dan press directly spoke out about the genre of passion: “is a movement to forget knowledge, this illusion is harmful, .. It gives writers popular illusions and thinks there they can become becoming a real writer.. Pushing the illusion big a promising scene, containing popular ideal dangers to the psychological development of young people..”

No blame, it must be said again and again, the romance novel is still a historical and inevitable phenomenon in the flow of melee society. The fantasy novel has all the practical and artistic bases that allow it to continue big explain and survive as a literary movement.

Due to popular reasons, it will receive message reviews although the number of love stories continues to grow strongly with the number of readings on the Internet increasing. Hopefully, in the nearest day, the management as well as the official mouthpieces will help passionate literature become healthier in the market.

7. Romance novels in Vietnamese society

Romance is a very hearty loud story genre in the world’s youth community in general and women in Vietnam in particular. From the perspective of mainstream media and senior managers, this is considered a passive genre.

The reason is there it is believed there infatuation stories have episodes that strongly affect the development of young people’s psychology. Especially the trend of LGBT and distorted conceptions of male and female among young people today.

Nhan Dan newspaper once said there favorite is a harmful illusion, forgetting knowledge. In China, the genre of favorite has been cut off not long ago and in Vietnam this genre has not been officially recognized.

Mostly fanatics are heterosexual and they come to this genre to serve their imagination, not providing money much willing big the real-life LGBT community. How cowardly, there are still always fans who have distorted thoughts after reading the story. This is harmful if young people do not have the right knowledge and perspective on world and novels.

Those are concerns that the state is concerned with if ham is recognized. Therefore, although this genre has popular interesting worlds, readers should still be rational and selective when reading stories. Do not idealize and be ignorant because it will have bad effects and consequences later.

8. The complete outstanding passionate comics in 2022

8. One. Male power Is A Pair

Author: Fangzixi.

Artist: Xinghai.

Genre : Boylove, school garden.

Length: 97 chapters (updating)

Rating: 4/5.

Good love stories are kindness a lot of enthusiastic exchange from a large number of readers. If it is not tells that the male god is a few, it is a mistake. School garden green age stories with light-hearted emotional development with widely carefree parts are the majority many genre.

La Van Quyen was originally a student with ordinary achievements but had a strong ham for sports. He has the desire to enter his dream school and strives to become a coach. But unexpectedly, in the year he took the exam, the other school did not enroll.

Panicked not knowing what to do, an unexpected opportunity came, when people within there school came to him and promised an very much attractive money-making opportunity. And also from here, he met again Ao Nhac – the “wrong family” in the past.

Ao Nhac was also once an very much talented and fame baby star, in addition to being the 1 who stole his precious first kiss. How will the story continue? All will be in the story chapters of Nam Than Is a few, stay tuned!

8.2. Graphics – Kannymos

Author: Kannymos.

Artist: Kannymos.

Genre : Boylove, mystery.

Length: Updating

Rating: 4/5.

This is a sometimes work composed and painted by Vietnamese authors. Graphics is a work that promises big cause storms in the near tomorrow. Each personality is portrayed by the authored very delicately and meticulously. Not only that, the new and attractive content is also the point there attracts many readers.

As a demon who has been cultivating for thousands of years, Chau Trach Duong has branded a process of time to witness the bittersweet stories of turned out popular people, love and monsters. But it seems there those stories have nothing big do with him and worlds will still be the plus if Chu Yin’s ghost flower does not step into the shop.

If Chau Trach Duong is a destined person with a scowling face, even somewhat barren, Chu Yin is relatively naive, reckless and a bit shy. Will this encounter create fate like? Let’s read the Graphics together!

8.3. Ma Dao Patriarch – Wear Huong Dong Khuu

Author: Mo Huong Dong Khuu.

Genre: Romance, illusion, pearl Tale

Length: 129 Chapters

Rating: 5/5.

Magical Patriarch can be said therefore the best passionate comic series without any unknown infatuation.

Wei Anh by the way makes people feel pity with his righteous personality. The buried love and 16-year wait, Lam Tram’s unconditional protection also makes readers unable to hold back tears.

Within their childhood, they went through difficulties together, fought for god, plotted, and when Wei Anh reanimated, they once again broke the big conspiracy and undressed the “righteous gentleman” enemy. And together develop a religious couple who can “harmonize the flute” until the end of their lives.

8.4. Thien Quan Tu Phuc – Wearing Huong Dong Khuu

Author: Mo Huong Dong Khuu.

Genre: Romance, illusion, pearl Tale

Length: 244 chapters + extra session

Rating: 5/5.

Hoa Thanh is a noble king of the Absolute rank, a reputation that makes everything three worlds afraid, but he is a mistress and loyal person. They are not afraid to do anything for the one they love, who is the only and loyal follower of “that brother”.

Xie Lien – a martial god of a lifetime who does not think for himself, but unique puts the interests and safety of others priority. Yet, he encountered popular tribulations, and ascended three times big make fun of us, also known as the ruined Tien Quan. Yet, I didn’t know I had a follower from 800 years ago.

It can be said there Xie Lien and Hoa Thanh are two opposing lives, but since they met, they have miraculously blended together.

8.5. Slapping Da – Vu Triet

Authored : Vu Triet.

Genre : support, Romance, school Garden

Length 145 chapters

Rating: 4/5.

Reality is by the way cruel and never easy, especially for the 2 18-year-old boys of the story. Suppose a person who is living a comfortable and leisurely world in the urban realizes that he is an adopted son and has big return big his drunken father in the countryside, the other person is the breadwinner of the household with worries. About rice, rice, money.

The two young boys who were justifying in that difficult and arguing world suddenly realized the other’s silhouette in themselves. If you sida the supporting genre, this is insistent a work not therefore missed.

9. The best geek movies of all time

9.1. Upper dark

IMDb Score: 8.2/10

Genre: Romance, Romance

Country: China

Directed by: Dinh Vy

Actors: Hoang Canh Du, Hua Wei Chau, Lam Phong Tung…

Duration: 15 episodes, 25 minutes/episode.

The priority movie the Cool household wants to share with readers is Upper dark. The film is based on the novel Erya Shang Yin Lieu by sai Ke Dan. The film is about the same-sex love of Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai. This romance runs within high school everything the way to college.

Bai Luo Yin’s mother remarried Gu Hai’s father and wanted him big moving in with him. No blame, Gu Hai refused and left home. While Bai Luo Yin is a good and affordable student, Gu Hai is a son who specializes in disrupting affordable students. Over time, the two developed feelings for each other.

Starting from its release, the film has received a lot of attention within the audience, especially young people. Thuong An owns a great cast, attractive content within the first episodes that makes feminine fans reward constant appreciate.

9.2. Long time ko see

IMDb Score: 7.2/10

Genre : Action, Romance

Country: Korea

Directed by: Kang Woo

Actors: Tak Woo Suk, Yeon Seung Ho…

Duration: 5 episodes, 15 minutes/episode.

Unlike Korean romantic movies, it’s been a long daytime since I’ve seen such a low action movie. The film tells the sida story of 2 male leads Wild Dog/Gi Tae and Flying Dagger/Chi Soo.

They happened to know each other through an Internet forum and also met each other slightly unexpectedly but fell into a sweet love story. Because of the nature of their work, both of them had big hide their identities but could not stop themselves within kind each other.

During the mission, 1 of the 2 suddenly disparaged a secret and fell into a terrible situation when being undressed by the gangsters. How will their sida story end? Let’s look center big it!

9.3. Where your eyes stop

IMDb Score: 7.9/10

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: Korea

Directed by: Hwang Da-seul

Actors: Jang Eui-soo, Choi Kyu-ri, Han Gi-chan, …

Duration: 8 episodes, 11 minutes/episode.

This drama revolves adjacent to the sweet love of Han Tae Joo and Kang Gook. Kang Gook is a slow progress bodyguard and also a stop constructionHere mistress of Tae Joo – an quick spirit boy who will inherit the trillion TB corporation.

Until he became an adult, Kang Gook realized his feelings for his master, but because of guilt, he did not dare to show it. It was pushed to a extreme when Kang Gook was explained big by Choi Hye-mi. Tae Joo was exhausted angry and expressed his feelings for him for a long time.

9.4. Because Remember – Reminders (2019)

IMDb Score: 7.9/10

Genre: Romance, infatuation

Country: Thailand

Director : new Siwaj Sawat Menekul

Actors: Plan Rathavit Kijworalak, Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan, Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn, …

Duration: 3 episodes, 30 minutes/episode.

This is a super passionate about Thai school. Immediately after the movie love by chance was announced as having no part two, director new instantly liberated Reminders with the joint combination of the awards sida sick and sida by chance.

Revolving adjacent to the best romantic movies, Because Remember revolves adjacent to the cute and romantic sida story of 03 couples, Pin – Son, Pun – Noh, two – wish. Sweet Thai sida stories with super sweet moments, romantic kinds, gestures, captivating eyes will insistent not let you down.

9.5. Gay Politician – Milk (2008)

IMDb Score: 7.5/10

Genre: History, Romance

Country: USA

Directed by: Gus Van Sant

Actors: Sean Penn, James Franco, Dustin Lance Black, Emile Hirsch…

Duration: 128 minutes.

The film opens with terrorist information, the police arrested gay rioters in the bars of the 1950s and 1960s. Including the assassinations of Harvey Milk along with the mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone on November 27, 1978 and then the film goes back big 1970 with the meeting of Milk and his beloved.

Both have decided big going around to the city of San Francisco big live. They wish there this place will welcome gay people like them. Smith and Milk opened a camera store in the Eureka Valley with the desire big build this place as a hub for the gay residence.

The film was nominated for eight Oscars shortly after its release. Dustin Lance Black won for best screenplay and Penn won for best actor.

10. The hottest passionate couples

10.1. BrightWin

Intelligent transparent Vachirawit and Win Metawin are the male leads of the hottest Thai romantic movie to date: 2gether The Series. The movie was turned out popular there right after it ended, fans asked for a part 2, and in return for the love of the audience, the producer also liberated the movie Still 2gether.

BrightWin is a few with very high beauty values ​​and are somewhat opposite. While bright has the aura of a branded “bad boi”, Win is a “little white rabbit” with a bright smile, rosy cheeks, red lips and glittering eyes.

Although they have only collaborated through a few films, the popularity and popularity of this couple is ko less than any other veteran couple. Let’s buy out why they are so loved!

10.2. TayNew

TayNew is one of the oldest medical couples in GNM. 2 Extremely tall, muscular and handsome boys like gods. This is really the excellent favorite exemplar of feminine doctors.

The couple collaborated in the first film, Kiss The Series, with two supporting roles, but accepted a pretty big effect. Turned out the producer decided big make a dirty series for the couple called Kiss Me Again and dark Blue Kiss. In everything 3 movies, Tay Tawan plays Kao – a difficult, conceited concealed guy and newly Thitipoom plays Pete – a good student, kind and relatively hates Kao.

In contrast, in real world, Tay Tawan is a warm, tolerant and caring person; and newly likes big tease Tay and often bullies his older brother.

10.3. BB Tran – Co Quang Lam

For today’s young people, especially Saigon green age, they will insistently know the comedy team BB & BG. Members of the force are also very concerned, especially Tran Phan Quoc Bao with the nickname BB Tran. BB’s boyfriend is Quang Lam.

BB Tran is slightly comfortable when publicizing her love story on facebook. Talking side to side about this, BB once shared that she is not sneaky or strange because Facebook is a place to show off her world and true self.

All of recently, the clip recording the scene of 2 boys having affectionate and intimate gestures like a couple, which was promote on social networks, quickly became the focus of widely people’s discussion. Some people sympathize and support the couple, but there are also people who “get goosebumps” when they recognize the sight of these 2 men being intimate and cuddling with each other.

10.4.Pink Nam Tea – Ken Bijin

Tra Hong Nam and Ken Bijin are both students and know each other through facebook. You 2 have been dating for two years now and just came out a few months ago.

The 2 decided to protect their feelings by encouraging each other in world as well as studying turned out there they both live well and study well so they can take care of the future of their families.

Popular people also think that in the 3rd world there is ko real sida, the couple wants to prove the opposite: love is always for everyone, for those who know how big appreciate it.

10.5. Couple Khang Le – Nguyen Anh.

Although I do not want to share too much about sida. However, the couple Khang Le – Nguyen Anh is still widely known by the online community when they publicize their love. Not only causing a sick of about same-sex love, but both possess a period beauty there makes many people swoon.

If Nguyen Anh has a muscible and attractive design, Khang Le has a cute, midwife face. On their personal page, the couple calls each other “husband and wife” very affectionately and often posts intimate and romantic photos.