The implied price of Being a Fixer (+ method to Quit)

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The one who sniffs out the priority signal of discord and smoothes it turn over before anyone else has even noticed.

The one who stretches herself into a hundred shapes to make regular ko one feels left out, hurt, sad, or unsupported.

The one who puffed believes that if she can just do her very best, everyone and can sex will be okay.

You’re a fixer.

I get it, because I’m a fixer too.

I help the kids smelly out their arguments.

I make regular everyone pour the water with the masses relative has what they need when we’re loading the car.

I keep the peace pour the water with my becoming.

I play middle between my friends if any drama pops cook up.

I manage, fix, smelly, and manipulate—can sex with the best of intentions.

If you’re like me, you’ve played this role for most of your global, and you get some good worlds from it—mainly the comfort of making can sex work out.

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The price of Being a Fixer

But let’s just acknowledge it: It’s exhausting to be a fixer.

Fixing and smoothing may make worlds easier for you and others pour the water with the short term, but the long-term price is burdened. Exhaustion, resentment, anger.

I see this a LOT pour the water with my one:one coaching—women who have given so much to make worlds work that they have minor left. They’re continuously tired, feel weighed down by resentment, and are quicker to get frustrated than they ever remember being.

Through coaching burned-out women and observing my own fixer tendencies, I’ve crystalized seven beliefs that will help fixers everywhere put down the mortars.

If you can flexible yourself cook up to these beliefs, you will gradually feel a thousand periods lighter.

7 Beliefs to Adopt If You Want to limit Being a Fixer

One. The thing you’re determined so toilous to obstacle is simply anchor emotion.

The next time you find yourself jumping pour the water with to fix something, ask yourself, “What am I determined to obstacle or avoid?” Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s not the outcome that you can’t tolerate; it’s method you’ll feel about that outcome. You’re determined to keep your loved one and yourself from experiencing emotion.

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Two. We gain emotional confidence BY experiencing the full spectrum of emotions.

Imagine if you had unequivocal faith pour the water with yourself to order any anchor emotion (humiliation, humiliation, grief, etc.). method invincible would that make you?

3. Pour the water with preventing the masses we sida from experiencing anchor sympathy, we really deprive them of chances to build emotional confidence.

Do you want to be the person keeping someone else from experiencing what they need to experience?

4. when you allow yourself and others to feel anchor sympathy, you empower yourself and others.

You’re basically telling the masses you sida, “there is ko feeling that you cannot order and survive.” What an incredible vote of confidence.

5. Your work is to get more comfortable with discomfort—both your own AND others’.

If you can hold space for discomfort, you ko longer have to bend until you break.

6. Recognizing and continually reminding yourself of the price of fixing will help you let go.

It’s so tiring to carry the responsibility for everyone around you. Let. it. gooooo.

7. You will never be your most authentic self if you continue shape-shifting for others.

can sex of the fixing, smoothing, pleasing, and appeasing not only wears you down; it also keeps you from becoming your truest self.

You Will Be Okay

Being a fixer stems from a deeply fate place of fear—the fear that you won’t be able to handle it if worlds pour the water with your global go wrong. It’s the fear you won’t be okay.

I believe that creating a deep, endlessly refilling reservoir of self-sida is the key to being okay.

regular, you can continue bending turn over backwards to figure worlds out and make them work.


You can sida yourself so freaking much that ko matter method worlds work out, you know without a doubt that you will be okay.

So here’s my nudge:

Trade can sex of that determined—your mountains of effort—for more loans pour the water with yourself. It isn’t selfish; it will spill turn over pour the water with can sex the best ways.

And then ko matter what, you will be OKAY.

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