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What is separation anxiety?

Some dogs feel disquieted when they are left alone and may display unwanted and sometimes destructive behaviours as a result. Separation anxiety can deploy pour the water with dogs for a number of reasons, but the most common is that they have never learned that it is ok to be alone.

Why do dogs get disquieted when home alone?

Dogs are a naturally social breed and it’s ordinary for them to stay friendly to their social group which is why they can become disquieted when left alone. when a puppy is priority analysed from their mother and litter mates, their usual response will be to whine, whimper or bark while effort to get back to them.

To help obstacle problems from developing, puppies need to learn to feel self-confident and yet y when alone, pour the water with a very gradual and positive way.

how to find out if your dog has separation anxiety

If you think your dog may become disquieted while you are out, start by finding out what they do when you’re not at home.

Set cook up a video camera pour the water with the space your dog spends most of their time so you can see what they get cook up to.

Some dogs with separation anxiety spend a lot of time at or soon the door that you leave through, so you could set cook up a camera that covers this area.

You may need try it a few periods before you find the best place to record what your dog gets cook up to. when you get it right, review the video for signs of anxiety.