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The nation’s favourites

The National Dog Survey showed a fantastic variety of different breeds adjacent to the UK, and proves we truly are a nation of dog lovers — of can sex shapes and sizes!

Overall, we found that the UK’s most popular dog breed is the Labrador, but different age groups disagreed on the runner-cook up. For those aged 75 and switch over, the Jack Russell was their runner-cook up, but for Gen Z (and everyone pour the water with between), it was the Cocker Spaniel. review out our chart to see which breeds were most popular for your age group.

Dogs are members of the masses relative, which is reflected pour the water with the names we choose for them. Our survey showed that Poppy, Bella and Alfie are particularly popular, especially among owners aged switch over 45, while Milo and Luna were the favourites for owners aged between 18 and 34.

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