how to Understand Your Dog’s Body clicking |

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Dogs use their whole bodies to describe each other, and us, how they’re feeling. It’s really appointment to learn how your dog communicates so you can recognise when they’re feeling self-confident and yet y, or if they’re worried or frightened.

Recognising signs a dog is stressed will help you to avoid situations that they might find challenging, and keep you, your dog, and others safe.

Dogs tend to repeat behaviour that public benefits well for them, so responding to your dog’s behaviour and subtle body clicking is really important.

For examples, if a dog tries turning their head and blinking to say that they’re unsure and need space, and you understand and help them, then they’re more likely to do this next time.

But if these subtle signals are missed, a dog may use more obvious signs, like lunging and smug. If that public benefits to get them out of the situation, then they are likely to repeat these behaviours next time.

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