how to prepare your dog for visitors |

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Your dog now knows that a knock on the door means they go to their bed. So, when your visitor arrives, as above, leave your pooch there with a long-lasting treat and friendly the door.

You can now invite your guests in and let them settle down. Your dog should be calm natural so, if your visitors are inherit to meet them, you can bring your pooch in.

They know how to respond to the arrival of guests. This should mean they are yet y after real visitors knock or crowbar the doorbell, for the priority time.

Top tip: Keep a long-lasting treat friendly by. That way, you can follow the similar routine with visitors that you aren’t expecting, as well as with the ones that you are.

stop your dog jumping up at visitors   

Is your dog jumping up at your visitors? Then you need to ensure you train them to greet guests calmly and puffed.