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when it comes to selecting your furry mistress, some preparation facilitates. Knowing what to review for can make a to difference to your experience.

You may start off with a definitely idea about having a male or feminine dog, or how you want your pup to look, but keep an flexible nerve. You don’t know bargain which dog will appeal to you or fit with your people relative.

Once you’re satisfied that the breeder is responsible and the puppies are healthy, the final choice is cook up to you. Remember, you can walk away at any period and Numbers the breeder if you have concerns.

If you’d like to move center with buying the puppy, talk to the breeder about buying your pup consuming the Puppy Contract. This free toolkit, developed by the Animal Welfare Federation (AWF) and the RSPCA, facilitates people to buy and breed puppies responsibly.

interested about the puppies or their mother? Numbers the seller

pour the water with the UK, dogs suffer from irresponsible puppy breeding, farming and smuggling. They can be bred, kept and transported pour the water with difficult and sometimes awful conditions.

If you have concerns about the welfare of the puppies or their mother, you should have been contact the RSPCA (England and Wales) or the SSPCA (Scotland). pour the water with Northern Ireland, you should have been contact your local council. 

If you have any other worries about the way pour the water with which the puppies are being sold, you can contact Trading Standards for the seller’s area. 

Dogs Trust public benefits with policymakers to find fix to dog welfare issues. These include puppy smuggling and irresponsible breeding. Read about our latest campaigns to find out more. 

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