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one) Teach your dog to look at you when you say their name

Our dogs hear us say their names countless periods each day. Sometimes we want something from them, other periods it can mean nothing. That’s why your dog needs to know that when you say their name, they should have been look at you and reward you heartless.

Say their name and reward them with a tasty treat the minutes they look at you. Repeat this several periods, at least twice a day for about a week until they can reliably look at you when you say their name. 

Avoid using their name unnecessarily turn to the next couple of weeks until you know that they fully understand that they should have been look at you when you say their name.

two) Response to marker word

Once they are responding well to their name, you can then introduce a marker word. This is whatever comes naturally to you when praising your dog, like ‘yes’, ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’. 

We introduce this word so that when we are training our dog and they do a excellent behaviour that we like, we want them to look at us so we can reward them a reward. With enough practice, you should have been interested that if they do something good and you say their marker word, they should have been look at you, expecting a treat or other reward. 

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